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MLB the Show: Training Points are Steroids

I purchased 1,000 points for my MLB Road to the Show career.  The young 20-year-old pitcher has been getting batted around in the Majors as I think he was called up a little to early.  But who am I to complain about getting called up to the Majors?  Isn’t that the whole point of playing baseball?

So in the off-season, I went to the PSN Store and I felt like if I was in some back alley when I put a 99 cents worth of points in my Cart.  I had that seedy feeling inside as though I was a cheat.

Who is to say I won’t go back?  If it’s just that simple to purchase 1,000 points, I can always go back after a rough game or horrible season.  It’s a quick fix.  I can just foresee an epidemic of young Road to the Show players juicing up their training points like I did.

The pressure to perform in this league is high.  Sometimes my coach pulls me after giving the team 6 scoreless innings, only to have the relievers give up the lead; then as the game is over, you can see him, visibly angry at me for the team’s loss.  Why can’t this be done in the locker room coach?  Away from the TV cameras and Matt Vasgersian’s critical eye.  It’s frustrating.

You don’t get training points unless you get the victory and you cannot get the victory if your coach has no faith in your abilities.  So how can I show my coach that I can perform?  I will tell you how, you play the game day and night and not care if you hit a few snags in your career (give up a few grand-slams, have teams bat around the lineup in one inning, endure the home-fans mocking you, etc.) or you head to the PlayStation Store and get some immediate results.  This is indeed a conundrum for most young players.

Perhaps I need to write my coach a poem to explain my position.


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