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Splinter Cell- Online Menace

After completing the story mode, I am now playing Face-Off in Splinter Cell on Xbox Live.  Face-Off is where two spies are put against each other in a race to see who kills more guards or each other within a time limit.  Prior to today I was getting a lot of connection errors, but today for some reason, I was able to complete most my games games; except when the grubby guy on the other end of the connection quits when they see the impending defeat.  Now that I have got some games in, it has really got me thinking of what kind of strategy one would want to employ when dealing in the art of being an online silent killer.

Sometimes both parties play it cool and go for kills in a stealthy manner.  Stealth is better, because once detected, the guards and your opponent know your position sending everyone into a frenzy.  If you are killed you lose a lot of points which gives some users a chance to actually gain a quick lead then hide in the shadows as your opponent stresses to go on a killing spree.  Most likely they will be spotted in their desperate attempts to make up the deficit, and this will give you a chance to devise a safe elusive path towards them to take them out and increase your lead.

I am sure in no time, some players will have the maps learned and up the playing field for online players, but for now I was able to beat the scurvy spies at their own game.  My strategy is to play it cool and avoid detection by any means necessary; it makes it easier to go after the other player.  That is where all the fun is.  No fun taking out the guard AI, all the glory is in taking out the other guy.  Unfortunately, a weak player will quit if they feel threatened, so try to take it easy on your way to victory.

Playing it cool seems to work for everything, just like pitching.  If you lose your head and you start trying to tackle your problem like a brutal beast, you end up either getting bombarded with hits or backing up 3rd base.

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