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Mega-Man 10/Dreaded Chevy Celebrity/Glum Robot-less Future

“For as memories are older they’re like wine rarer, till if you find a real old memory, one of infancy” – Jack Kerouac, Visions of Cody

Decades ago, when game designers didn’t have the luxury of licensing 3D game engines  to mass produce the same old game with a different storyline, they had simple games.  Games with simple controls, but complex puzzles that still would take as much time to complete as the games released today. Capcom was one of my favorite publishers growing up because they had a trademark of using cover-art which would show what the 8-bit game might look like in comic book form.  I remember staring at the box as I was driven home and my imagination would run wild as to what the game will actually play like when I finally slapped it into the NES.  In those times, all we had was Nintendo Power magazine to give us an opinion on the latest games.  No internet.  All your buying decisions pretty much had to come from a magazine published by Nintendo, which I can’t imagine was too objective.  It didn’t matter though because I knew when I bought a Capcom game, I was buying quality.

Mega-Man Yes those were the days.  My mom would cruise me around leisurely in the Chevrolet Celebrity, a vehicle that drove more like a boat with a slow response to the gas pedal, it was not the vehicle of choice when one was in a hurry.  After we picked up a game, I remember thinking in my head “Hurry up! Petal to the metal!”  I knew that someday, when I was old enough to drive, I will have the power to speed home and play my games and not endure the torture of riding with someone else at cruising speed when you have a brand new game in hand.  If she told me we had to make a stop somewhere before we got home, it felt like a thousand rusty needles going into my heart as I couldn’t take the anticipation.  Those types of detours only reduced my gaming time and staring at the cover-art didn’t help.

Recently, Mega-Man 10 has been released for download on multiple platforms.  Playing the game brought back a lot of the old gaming memories that had been dormant in my mind all these years.  Listening to the original music really brought back those years when I would finish this game with ease.  I am a more experienced gamer now, surely I will be able to finish this game in no time right?

To my chagrin, I have been unsuccessfull in trying to finish one level so I can get the bosses attributes.  To those unfamiliar with Mega-Man, once Mega-Man beats down his opponent, he can use their special power and you can then use these powers to take out the other bosses.  I remember it being simple, but for some reason I am unable to even complete a single level.  Has years of playing the Unreal game engine ruined my gaming mind?  I refuse to believe that I am unable to complete a game that I was able to master at the age of 10, and I also refuse to switch the game to easy.  I am, after all, one of the world’s (self-proclaimed) gaming elite.

Before you laugh at me, you have to remember that Mega-Man is far from mega.  He must be some prototype model because I am sure the final model that went commercial was able to shoot up, down, diagonal,etc.  Mega-Man overcomes his inability to aim at his opponents by timing jumps to avoid enemy fire while also shooting them.  Unfortunately you cannot bounce on the other robots like Mario or Luigi.  If Mega-Man collides with an enemy, he bounces back in a stunned motion which could easily send him falling if on an edge.  Regardless of Mega-Man’s shortcomings, you have to protect the world from Dr.Wily.


Rosie is sweet and all, but can she be trusted?

In the future, according to Capcom, there will be technology everywhere and it will take over every aspect of life which leaves us vulnerable to an attack via a computer virus.  It is this threat that is hindering the development of robot maids.  Sure we all dreamed of having a robot maids like Rosie or Irona, but just think of the horror you’ll feel when some quack scientist decides to unleash a virus to have your appliances turn on you.  I guess it could happen.  I don’t know if I can take down Irona without any formal training.

I am frustrated I cannot finish a single level in Mega-Man 10, but just in case this horrible Capcom-inspired vision of mine becomes a reality, I am going to keep playing and practicing.  I want to make sure I can protect us against an impending robot rebellion.

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