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How can I buy 2 games in a 1 game economy?

“For many men in the quarter, unmarried and with no future to think of, the weekly drinking-bout was the one thing that made life worth living.   George Orwell”- Down and Out in Paris and London

When one is single, you can buy anything you want.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t have money.  You can buy on credit. Who cares?

When you are married, you can’t live so frivolously, unless you want to live unhappily.

Yes times are tough as I am a newly wed and that means big dreams.  Dreams cost money.  Which means I can’t spend on video games like I used to.  I think I am to  blame for the recent downturn in stock prices in the video game industry as there is a high correlation to when I got married and when their stock prices took a big dip.

I see a shift in how I make my video game purchases; to buying anything that looks remotely good, to only buying premium titles.  I think most consumers are shifting to this new game-buying paradigm.  I think this is better for the industry as consumers are forcing the publishers to focus on quality and not quantity.

However, this week I am anxious for two games and I am struggling to figure out how I can purchase both of them on their release date of May,18, 2010.  Perhaps I can sell Heavy Rain and buy both?  I still haven’t tried re-playing the game. I wanted to see how the story in Heavy Rain changes with different choices, but in this economy,  I may just have to sell! Sell! Sell!

Alan Wake  Xbox 360

Please, buy Alan Wake and help the economy.

Woe is me.  I sit here typing on my Mac with my cotton gloves with the fingertips cut out; sitting next to a tin can with  a small fire burning in it.  Yes these are trying times and we need to pinch our belts.  It’s a cold night in southern California and the big wigs at Take-Two and Microsoft can’t rely on everyone to roll in on their Escalades to buy both games anymore.  Nope.  They traded in those gas-guzzling vehicles for a Toyota Yaris’, and most gamers will probably trade in one game to buy the other.

Red Dead Redemption

If I buy Red Dead Redemption, will wife make me dead?

I will try to get both.  I need to do my part in this global economy.  Plus, I think both of these games have great story telling and are highly immersive.  In one you are a novelist who is suddenly put into his own nightmare of a story.  In the other I will be taken back to the wild west where I am sure I’ll be talking like a cowboy at work.  Which is not necessarily bad because from what I have seen in movies, Cowboys get their work done. How else can you survive in the era of the out-house.

I never understood camping.  I am going to use Red Dead Redemption to get that “camping” fix out of my system.  Red Dead Redemption will be my way of roughing it.  Yes, immersion is important in video games.

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