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Gamer’s Lament

Gone are the days when you can just play,
No longer can you sit idly as life goes on,

You wish to play your Mario and Luigi,
until time is at it’s end.

But without good grades or a good job,
you won’t have money to pay your way,

you won’t have luxury or games to play,
so you must learn not to sit all day,

Think of the healthy balance, although sometimes it’s OK to indulge,
Gone are the days when you can play Zelda until the twilight hours,
Now you have to take your time for the story to divulge.

You hinge on the happiness to beat your friends in Madden,
But harrowed by sorrow as your watch your personal life wither away.

You are saddened


Gone are the days you can drink soda like coffee and play 1st person shooters,
There is a real enemy lurking in the background and he isn’t armed with a FAMAS but with Father Timebomb.
When Father Timebomb hits, you’ll look at yourself and wonder if the Prestige Mode was worth it.

Worth the wasted hours you could have been outside in the Sun getting skin cancer or inhaling smog.
Worth the hours with controller in hand and in 100% control of your life because it revolves around the gaming system of choice.

Each system has it’s own poison.

Beware parents as your youth will be tempted to cower from studies and instead bounce on the head of a Goomba.

Genesis OH BOY!

Genesis on sale in a pawn shop in Hollywood. Reminds me of the sadness of the Sega CD.

  1. June 8, 2010 at 2:45 am

    Very nice…..I’m going to make my son read this. He is an X-box live gamer….and would play until he falls over with fatigue if I would let him.

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