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Poem- Benevolence of Games


It is time the negative stigma attached to gamers is removed,
no longer are gamers lazy playing simple-minded games,
but are being challenged and tested,
the cognitive abilities required should be approved,

By parents they are shunned and loved ones too,
“you play too much. Go outside and enjoy”
or “must you play all the time?”
but let us contemplate what else is there to do?

I grew up among friends, some played, some did not.
some went to college, while others brain’s rot.
some toiled in time-wasting odious behavior on the weekend,
I grumbled with Genesis, Altered Beast I was speaking.

Why are we worried when someone games,
they could be out perusing the bars,
doing the unthinkable,
tempted to the sin that brings shame.

Anything in the excess is wrong,
without a doubt,
however, if all responsibilities are taken care of,
yelling at a responsible gamer and prejudicial behavior is tantamount.

Unless there are pressing issues,
then perhaps gamers should take a break,
an abandoned education, family or lover,
leaving destruction in its wake.

To game is not bad,
in fact it keeps your mind sharp,
do not substitute it for reading,
but like reading it’s a journey to embark.

So when you see your loved one gaming,
don’t yell at them or be abrupt,
if all is well on the “to-do” list of life,
one deserves gaming, they have done more than enough.

If a dog is misbehaved, Millan said it’s not right to pet,
but when a dog is in an ideal condition, then it’s alright to shower with affection,
next time you see your gamer in the thrust of a mental battle,
do not yell duties or disdain, no need to make a correction,

Kiss them on the forehead, smile,
and go on with your day.

Never a need for a surprise gamer intervention.

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