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Limbo is hard on the soul

Awaken in a state,
surrounded by shadows and spiders,

tormented by mental struggles,
physical pain seems to have no lasting affect.

the toils of the mind are at stake,
need to exit the Limbo state

Limbo on XBLA

How will you exit the state of Limbo?

I am currently stuck on a part in Limbo, the Xbox Live Arcade game, and I cannot get past it. There is a teetered platform that I need to carry a block across. But I cannot seem to get it across. Is it a mathematical problem, do I need to find another block to balance the platform? There is a mechanical platform and I cannot figure out if I am able to use this to somehow solve the tormenting puzzle.

I am tempted to look at an online walkthrough. Sure, I would probably be able to figure out the rest of the game, but that would be deceitful. Maybe this is the only puzzle I can’t solve…or maybe I’ll keep relying on the walkthrough like it’s my mind’s crutch. Walkthrough are equivalent to using copy paper and claiming the art you copied as your own. Deceitful.  That is not what playing Limbo is about; it’s about strengthening your mind to exit the state of Limbo.

Decades ago, on the NES, I played a game called, Adventures of Lolo. This game featured a blue blob that would shuffle across the floor and shift tiles across a terrain to escape the level. Each level got increasingly difficult. It took a keen eye and a knack for puzzle solving.

My brother introduced me to games, but he ardently focused on his studies and left the gaming to me. As I would desperately try to to finish the un-finishable Road Rash, he would peruse the house somberly with his face in a book like if he was Hamlet.

However, one game did get him out of his educational doldrums and it was Adventures of Lolo, he would walk by my room and hear me playing the game and say, “Lolo!” in a half whisper/half excited scream; if that is even possible…

He would sit and try to solve some of the puzzles and we’d share a gaming moment before he would became a full time student and complete his electrical engineering degree at UCSD.  We didn’t have online walkthroughs back then.  You actually had to use your mind or else go back to playing Contra.

No sir, I will not be using a walkthrough to get pass this part of Limbo.  I’ll have to rely on good old fashion wit or else be stranded in Limbo.  Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds.  There is a slew of new games on the horizon that will keep me occupied if I remain stagnant in solving this puzzle.

On the leaderboards, I am the lowest of my friends to complete the game.  My mind is diminishing as real life issues are surrounding this beleaguered gamer.  However this Limbo problem I will solve, it’s not like time is running out.  Time is infinite…

  1. September 5, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    You probably need to take a break from your game and let your brain regenerate.

    You might need to see a psychologist to help you with your gaming addiction….lol.

    Good luck getting out of “limbo”

  1. July 5, 2011 at 7:02 pm

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