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Medal of Honor is a Dishonor to Gaming

Medal of Honor, fight on mountainous terrains, no time to sightsee. #Haiku #MOH #PS3 #Xbox

DrGonzo619 via Twitter October 12th, 2010



Conversation Between DrGonzo619 and Burdy75 via Twitter

That conversation happened the week of the release of the latest EA 1st person shooter, Medal of Honor. I had only played Medal of Honor a couple of minutes and decided to release that little haiku, however I did not expect a response to my poem, asking me how the game was. I gave a safe reply. Nothing definitive. Burdy75, I apologize if you went out and purchased Medal of Honor because if I were a true friend I would have jumped on this grenade of a game for you.

I should have warned you of the shabby level design and the glitch-filled game play. Sometimes you get lost as you search for your next objective, but luckily you stumble into the location to set off the next checkpoint.  And why is it that some soldiers climb through certain obstacles with ease, yet I require the “Buddy Boost?”  Am  I a corpulent corporal or something?

Overall the games seemed like it was rushed in hopes it would feed our need for Call of Duty:Black Ops which is released November 9th.

Medal of Honor failed to deliver enough to satisfy our need for quality 1st person shooters. Instead it angers us. We still yearn to finish the game because we are part of that gaming elite that must finish any game they start. Yet we aren’t happy about playing it. Begrudging EA the whole way.

Tweet MOH

Writing a rant on the broken gameplay.

A true gaming journalist would have caught the deficiency in Medal of Honor right away because they would have played hours before any type of written review. I am a beleaguered gamer and I was still in the honeymoon period when I expressed my opinion; even if it was in haiku form 5-7-5. If this was an investment firm, my premature opinion would have costs us millions in overvaluing Medal of Honor’s stock price.

Lucky for us, I am just that guy who writes on WordPress and is waiting for the next 1st person shooter. Until then I’ll be sipping a cup of coffee perched in a prime sniping location in Halo Reach.  I’m currently trying to finish Halo in Legendary, which in itself, is a test in patience until Call of Duty: Black Ops is released.

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