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The Downtrodden need you in Fable III

Vous [leur] avez crache’ sur l’âme, comme rien!

(You Spat on their souls, as if that were nothing!)”

-Rimbaud, “The BlackSmith”


Downtrodden commoners,

a System of cruelty,

to suppress power,

for a chosen few,

and limit the excellence,

that which people can achieve,

No need to treat them as equals,

Giving up power is not what we believe,

but now comes a hero. Brother to the evil king,

who makes a choice of solidifying the brother’s tyranny,

or leaving to pursue help to over come, and empower the “weaklings”

for to the king they are weak, but with the help of a hero,

they can overcome, build a kingdom stronger as a populace,

instead of sole power in the hands of one fowl rogue foe.

It is up to you how the story unfolds,

who you woo, love and raise children who grow.

Sex in Video Games

DrGonzo619 has zero Sexual Encounters. Fable 3 is counting.

This is the first time I played Fable.  I picked it up solely on the tweets I read on my time-line.  If I would have went with reviews I probably wouldn’t have picked it up based on it’s average scores however, I have been pleasantly surprised how addicting this game is.

At first I thought I was in some Shakespearean time, but then all of sudden I see people riding in an underground subway system when goblin-like creatures start attacking me.  This game is unique, to say the least.  I have taken over the kingdom and now I have to make some tough economic decisions, such as tax rates and abolishing child labor.  You want to do the right thing, but then when the kingdom doesn’t have enough money, you are at risk of losing the total population from an inevitable attack from a lurking demonic force.  So you have to balance the kingdoms’ need of education and environmental issues with the safety of the masses in mind.  I am running the deficit up and working a side job as a baker to help fill the kingdoms’ coffers.

Fable III is like a Sims/3rd Person Button masher type game with an RPG element.  You can even have sex with the common folk.  Something that I have not experienced myself.  You see in the beginning of the game, my girlfriend is executed by my brutish brother.

I am still in the mourning phase.  We never had sex, but I pressed “L2” and we held hands on a long stroll to the castle.  It was nice.   I knew it was love as I stared into her pixel perfect eyes.  If you ever read about this Fable, you shall see the love between us and you’ll understand as to why I chose to wait.

Well, that is how my story is unfolding at least.  A fearless hero who can battle any foe to lead the revolution and is abstaining from sex in honor of his fallen girlfriend.  This is going to be one strange Fable.

STDs in Fable

The upside of being a Fable virgin.

  1. December 23, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    A story about a game AND a poem….wow.

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