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Playstation3 goes on the fritz

“Empty and profitless thoughts, as always during a tedious time of waiting, crept into his head…”  Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

It was pre-dawn Sunday morning.  My wife was asleep, as most normal people are at 2AM, but after a hectic work week, I decided to take advantage of some idle time and ignore sleep.  It was so late in fact, that no one on my friends list was even playing. Before I turned the PlayStation on, I thought to myself, “If I see someone online playing Call of Duty, I’ll join, otherwise I’ll play some baseball.”  But turns out all my friends are the normal types who sleep at night so I loaded MLB the show.  I might be one of the few who still actually plays this game months after the San Francisco Giants won the pennant.  Little did I know that this late night leisure time would soon turn to horror.

The game loaded like normal.  I spread some training points around that I had left over.  Then after the game started, my player took his last plate appearance, not knowing it would be the last pitch he would see of his illustrious career.  As the pitcher released a breaking ball, it broke my PS3 as the system just turned itself off.

I shrugged it off as nothing and I restarted the PlayStation.  It loaded.  This is where a smart gamer would have backed up all his data.  But instead I decided to try playing again.  Same thing, but this time the PS3 froze when the game was initially loading.  It didn’t even let me get into the game menu.

Silence struck my household as the cold breeze outside was nothing compared to the cold feeling running through my body when I came to the sudden realization that my PS3 had experienced something similar to the Xbox’s “Red Ring of Death.”  I thought the system was immune to giving a gamer grief; but I was wrong.  It seems the only system capable of withstanding time is the Wii.  My Wii has been dropped, and manhandled as we carried it to household gatherings during the holidays, and has yet to cease working.

PS3 with wings

The room was filled with an empty feeling as the PS3 took the virtual lives of two Road to the Show players.

I called the Sony support line and it looks like despite the system failure, it turns out Sony is offering me an upgrade for the new slimmer PS3.  I will lose all my game data, but at least I’ll have a newer smaller system.  There is a silver lining in the dark cloud of a game system failure after-all.

However, there are two casualties of the system failing and my irresponsible behavior to not back up my game data. Now my Road to the Show players will never get to win the big game, start in an All-Star Game, or get voted into the Hall of Fame.  All those MLB training points I purchased like an electronic version of steroids will go down the drain!  No longer will I get to see my player grow old and play a full prestigious career in the Show.

As I wait for the box to arrive to send my PlayStation 3 to Sony, I realize how much the Blu Ray movie feature is a staple in our household viewing diet.  There are 3 NetFlix movies that will be sitting idle in my closet until I get my system fixed or replaced.  Until then, I’ll read Dostoevsky to try to take my mind off the tragedy of my two fallen MLB the Show careers that will never be recovered again, because after-all, nothing gets your mind off game system failures like a little bit of inter-family squabble.

Looks like I’ll be on my Xbox and Wii for a while.  Time to practice some Mario Cart for those looming fierce Holiday battles ahead with the family.

Kiss Original PS3 Goodbye

You don't miss something until it's gone.

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