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"Back in my day, we had to wait for the modem to dial and connect to the internet as we walked miles in the snow to play online"

My first experience on an online game was on my 486 Windows computer.  The game was Duke Nukem 3D and the connection was a hardwired telephone modem to link me to the game server.

Not to many people had the game so, the only way I was going to play the game was with my friend Vince.  I remember calling him up late in the evening and we agreed on a time and we set the game up.

Duke Nukem 3D featured the first level as the multi-player map.  The level consisted of an area outside, similar to a courtyard and then inside was a movie theater.  I don’t recall too much about the strategies I employed, but I do recall one kill that left an impression in my mind.  I had used the jet pack and waited patiently in the movie theater.  Then I saw my friend scurrying in the projection room.  I used my jetpack and flew up to the projection booth window and in a move of pure genius, I shot him through the tiny opening.

It was my first official video game “ownage” but that term wasn’t invented yet.  I remember bragging the next morning at our job as interns and he was playing it down with a lackadaisical, “yeah yeah”.  I was excited and I remember bringing up that moment to other gamers but no one ever shared the same enthusiasm.

The beauty of online shooters are the multiple angles and ways to outwit your opponent. Each kill, each death, comes from varying angles, no single game is alike when you face another person because you are forced to rethink your strategy with every failure.  In the 486 Processing power element the physics engine was not developed yet, the target glided like a huge computer cursor on the screen as if someone had accidentally left the space-bar engage. But it was still on a 3D playing field and therefore, forced the two combatants to simulate their survivor skills.

Well, now it’s written down for the record.  I had the official first owning on an online opponent when I used the stratagem of an aerial assault and shot from the most of unlikely locations, with the rocket-pack engaged, gun in hand and sites set, through the projection window of a movie theater.

Never stop trying to out-think your opponents!

Carpe Diem

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