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Living life in these times is great in that we have various outlets to express ourselves.  No longer are we confined to what the big wigs want to produce.  I used to be hesitant to listen to podcasts, but as of late, I’ve been really seeing the value in them.

First of all, the radio has music which is great, but I prefer my own i-pod for my music stream. At work, I used to be an avid sports talk radio listener.  I used to listen to local sports talk radio all day.  However, now a dark cloud hangs over all the San Diego professional athletic teams which has reduced my sports talk radio listening to the Jim Rome Show.

So with what do I fill my day with to compensate the radio listening void?  With Gamer podcasts of course!  I was recently inducted into the listener hall of fame for one of my favorite podcast, the n00bketeers, who are also celebrating their 100th show this week.  To commemorate the hall of fame induction, they provided me with this masterpiece depicting my DrGonzo619 Twitter handle.

MS Paint from the n00bketeers

Beezball,one of the n00bketeer’s hosts, is the Picasso of MS Paint.

The reason why Video Game Podcasts make sense is that they are for a target market that has little professional media targeted towards them. (Or if they do create something for us, it’s a complete miss-fire like the VGA.) Now I am surveying my twitter timeline and the internet for other podcasts, but I have yet to find one with an entertaining team as the n00bketeers.

What makes the n00bketeers so entertaining?  My favorite quality by far is the production which feels like a show that should be on the radio today. Other podcasts are lacking in their presentation, but the n00bketeers have a professional feel in that there is excellent music. Sometimes I wish I could just listen to a mix of the songs on the podcasts.  The n00bketeers podcasts has a theme song that never fails to makes my 1 year-old daughter dance. In between segments, they play mixes or original music from video games.  To me, this podcast sets the bar high for other gamer podcasts.

I know there are a lot of other quality shows around, but I am new to the gamer podcast experience, so hopefully my list of podcasts will continue to grow.

Please feel free to suggest any other podcasts you think gamers might enjoy.

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