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Donkey Kong’s side of the story

September 10, 2014 Leave a comment

Growing up, Donkey Kong was always the villain.

He captured the damsel in the original Donkey Kong and he did the same in subsequent arcarde sequels. I grew up learning to despise that great gorilla.

Now Children see Donkey Kong as a hero and a protagonist in his own game, but do they know his dark past?

My son actually took a picture with Donkey Kong at the San Diego Zoo when Nintendo was promoting Donkey Kong Country:Freeze last summer. Since then, my son has been expose to a Donkey Kong who stars in his own game and is also one of the characters one can choose for Mario Kart 8. My daughter, at first, was hesitant towards Donkey Kong; she refused to take a photo opportunity with him. Probably espoused to the idea that great big gorillas cannot be trusted. She also didn’t like the idea that Donkey Kong was joining playtime with my son’s Happy Meal toys.

My son isn't playing Mario Kart yet, but he is practicing.

My son isn’t playing Mario Kart yet, but he is practicing.

But to my son, he wouldn’t have anyone but Donkey Kong or even Bowser to chauffeur his chariot in playtime.

Interesting times we live in.

It made me think of how Donkey Kong would have his side of the story explained:


Donkey Kong Poem

Grew up isolated and harassed,

some may say even despised,

But no one ever had bothered,

to view the story through my eyes,


I chucked red barrels down construction site,

Employed fiery blazes to assist me,

Why was the plumber the hero? It’s all quite trite,

He’d spend his days locked up a dream,

chasing turtles and coins,

but never paying attention to she,

her days spent with someone so shallow,

he’s go down the piping,

to find coinage for extra lives,
but was he really living?

or was he chasing a pipe dream?

Collecting these coins and ignoring his queen,

or princess or life for that matter,

Now I sit on my throne of bananas and pride,

vision not obfuscated by grandeur,

my eyes opened wide.


I know what’s important,

I too have dreams,

And don’t look down at me,

because sometimes things are not what they seem.


I’d just thought that I’d write that,

“Donkey Kong is not mean.”




Gamers, it’s never too late to think about retirement.

To Cruz I say “Your cat is having golden thoughts (su gata tienes pensas de or)”
Jack Kerouac, Tristessa   

Press on. If you are in school or working for a living. It is never too late to late to think about retirement.   

You want to live life to its fullest when you’re young,
yet you want to save some health and money,
for when you no longer work and can enjoy life when retirement has begun.   

My coworker is retiring today, which gives me some time to reflect,
What will I want to do when my working days are numbered?
What will I spend my days doing?
Writing sonnets, drinking at noon, or looking for friends and family to reconnect?   

Everyday you make a decision to invest,
it’s not a monetary choice, but one of time.
Will you work on establishing a rapport with the world
or will you stay indoors and be a recluse and think of the future in jest?   

If it wasn’t for online games, you would never interact with people,
yet conversations on the internet,
playing halo speaking of “noobs” is quite feeble,   

When it comes to retirement, I want to enjoy my day like this:
Wake up. Exercise, simply so I have the strength to sit in my chair the rest of the day,
Then spend the rest of the morning with a controller in my fist,   

After lunch, I’ll walk the dogs and then come back to finish another round of gaming.
Yes this future can be true if you plan retirement right.
Go to school, focus on your job, and next thing you know this goal you’ll be obtaining.   

Congratulations to Mike for retirement of work,
you paid your dues and now it’s time to no longer shirk,
on those projects waiting for you at home.
write a book,
travel somewhere and take a look.   

There is a future ahead of us all. How will you spend your golden years?
With golden thoughts and enjoying what you do?
Or slaving away regretting your decision to not persevere?   

Follow your dreams and surely you’ll find happiness in your future idleness
known as retirement.
Must be nice not to begrudge Mondays,
enjoying your life,
void of the cubicle and office walls confinement.   

Retirement Party

Photo of Mike's retirement party. Mike called in sick to his party, but we all ate a breakfast feast in his honor.