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Boss Battles Bonifide Baddness

July 21, 2014 1 comment

Video games have always glorified boss battles. You solve a puzzle only to meet a monstrous beast overseeing the dungeon’s priceless treasures or you finish the side-scrolling level only to confront a large headed warrior trying to head-butt you to death! (Kid-Niki)

However how does this translate in real life? Work is vital as part of one’s own self-identification so we all take our job seriously and it has a huge impact on our state of happiness and other facets of our lives. You might not like your boss, but you never act out against them or talk back in fear that you’ll lose your livelihood.

However what if a boss truly pushes your buttons and makes it a point to be the villain? Well then to that I say one should adorn a hero’s cap or some type of hypothetical battle garb and prepare for an office boss battle.

I recently fought a boss and ultimately won as that individual is no longer employee in our organization. In my mind that is the mental equivalent to clearing the dungeon. It wasn’t completely my doing, but I didn’t sit back either.


Here my the story in prose fashion:

Battling the bad boss.

In my dungeon of mazes of cubicles and copiers,

I armed myself with notes and time,

Building my plot to overtake the boss,

He blames me for issues that are not my own,

I expose blatant problems and take jabs at his throne,

Unsteady his confidence waivers and soon he learns that my will is strong,

I stay late and work hard,

How could I be to blame?

Meanwhile his team falls apart,

No longer will he reign.

I battled my boss,

It was not a pretty task,

I stood up for myself in the open,

No mask,

Bosses seem big and bosses seem bright,

But in the end it’s their leadership that gives them a fight,

The hero overcomes all of this and navigates the maze of office politics,

Break it down and build that place back up with new management brick by brick.


Fellow heroes! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and in the end. I didn’t gain a raise but I gained confidence knowing that I fought for what is right. Link gaining hearts after defeating a dungeon boss is a metaphor for when one tackles one of life’s challenges to gain strength. In this particular office battle, I didn’t get a new heart to help my health meter, but I did gain more confidence when going into the next real world dangerous dungeon in the office setting.