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Stress and video games

July 28, 2014 Leave a comment

Games are supposed to be an escape, like delving into a good book or enjoying a movie with family and friends. But then…life happens and you cannot find the time to fit in some personal time. That is when stress begins to surmount and one is left trudging along your day carrying feelings of angst. The truth is that everyone deals with stress in some form or fashion. I have to remind myself that life happens and you need to shift priorities. I am, after all, the beleaguered gamer.

Currently one of my favorite games is Pikmin 3 on the Wii U. I love to get lost in the world where giant bugs rule and you have your own tiny creatures under your control to navigate the turmoil that occurs in a garden.

One bug really that caught my attention is the Calcified Crushblat and I just couldn’t help but feel sorry for it. This was my bug…the bug that was I was meant to see in this stress-filled world. A bug with a crustacean-like shell that only your Rock Pikmin can break. Each hit, lessens the protective shell’s strengths and little by little, pieces begin to fall and the bug is left exposed. This is when your other Pikmin can land on the creature in all it’s naked glory and beat him down one by one.

This, my friend, is stress!


Stress on the Calcified Crushblat will cause deterioration of it's protective shell.

Stress on the Calcified Crushblat will cause deterioration of it’s protective shell.

This bug is the amalgamation of stress breaking us down. a living symbol of how life can chip at your cozy protective shell and how only those big problems, that are like the Rock Pikmin, can penetrate. However, after a few hard blows from those “big” issues, then you go down and the little stuff gets you.

It’s a hard world my friends and all I can say is that you should create some recipe to battle stress. Mine consists of exercise and a steady diet of Pikmin problem solving sessions, but everyone has those days when your shell has been exposed and you need to recoup quickly. That is when you should remember the Ode to the Calcified Crushblat


Oh Calcified Crushblat,

How docile you seem, sleeping in your harden shell of solitude,

quick to crush when approached,

quick to lose a shell on reproach,

Hammered by life,

Striving for security,

But little colorful problems start chipping away,

Retreat Calcified Crushblat for you’re no match!

Go back to a safer habitat where you can regroup,

your thoughts, your sense of security and that shell too.

I didn’t mean to be rude and intrude,

but you got in my way during this mess,


your friend…