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Donkey Kong’s side of the story

September 10, 2014 Leave a comment

Growing up, Donkey Kong was always the villain.

He captured the damsel in the original Donkey Kong and he did the same in subsequent arcarde sequels. I grew up learning to despise that great gorilla.

Now Children see Donkey Kong as a hero and a protagonist in his own game, but do they know his dark past?

My son actually took a picture with Donkey Kong at the San Diego Zoo when Nintendo was promoting Donkey Kong Country:Freeze last summer. Since then, my son has been expose to a Donkey Kong who stars in his own game and is also one of the characters one can choose for Mario Kart 8. My daughter, at first, was hesitant towards Donkey Kong; she refused to take a photo opportunity with him. Probably espoused to the idea that great big gorillas cannot be trusted. She also didn’t like the idea that Donkey Kong was joining playtime with my son’s Happy Meal toys.

My son isn't playing Mario Kart yet, but he is practicing.

My son isn’t playing Mario Kart yet, but he is practicing.

But to my son, he wouldn’t have anyone but Donkey Kong or even Bowser to chauffeur his chariot in playtime.

Interesting times we live in.

It made me think of how Donkey Kong would have his side of the story explained:


Donkey Kong Poem

Grew up isolated and harassed,

some may say even despised,

But no one ever had bothered,

to view the story through my eyes,


I chucked red barrels down construction site,

Employed fiery blazes to assist me,

Why was the plumber the hero? It’s all quite trite,

He’d spend his days locked up a dream,

chasing turtles and coins,

but never paying attention to she,

her days spent with someone so shallow,

he’s go down the piping,

to find coinage for extra lives,
but was he really living?

or was he chasing a pipe dream?

Collecting these coins and ignoring his queen,

or princess or life for that matter,

Now I sit on my throne of bananas and pride,

vision not obfuscated by grandeur,

my eyes opened wide.


I know what’s important,

I too have dreams,

And don’t look down at me,

because sometimes things are not what they seem.


I’d just thought that I’d write that,

“Donkey Kong is not mean.”




Boss Battles Bonifide Baddness

July 21, 2014 1 comment

Video games have always glorified boss battles. You solve a puzzle only to meet a monstrous beast overseeing the dungeon’s priceless treasures or you finish the side-scrolling level only to confront a large headed warrior trying to head-butt you to death! (Kid-Niki)

However how does this translate in real life? Work is vital as part of one’s own self-identification so we all take our job seriously and it has a huge impact on our state of happiness and other facets of our lives. You might not like your boss, but you never act out against them or talk back in fear that you’ll lose your livelihood.

However what if a boss truly pushes your buttons and makes it a point to be the villain? Well then to that I say one should adorn a hero’s cap or some type of hypothetical battle garb and prepare for an office boss battle.

I recently fought a boss and ultimately won as that individual is no longer employee in our organization. In my mind that is the mental equivalent to clearing the dungeon. It wasn’t completely my doing, but I didn’t sit back either.


Here my the story in prose fashion:

Battling the bad boss.

In my dungeon of mazes of cubicles and copiers,

I armed myself with notes and time,

Building my plot to overtake the boss,

He blames me for issues that are not my own,

I expose blatant problems and take jabs at his throne,

Unsteady his confidence waivers and soon he learns that my will is strong,

I stay late and work hard,

How could I be to blame?

Meanwhile his team falls apart,

No longer will he reign.

I battled my boss,

It was not a pretty task,

I stood up for myself in the open,

No mask,

Bosses seem big and bosses seem bright,

But in the end it’s their leadership that gives them a fight,

The hero overcomes all of this and navigates the maze of office politics,

Break it down and build that place back up with new management brick by brick.


Fellow heroes! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and in the end. I didn’t gain a raise but I gained confidence knowing that I fought for what is right. Link gaining hearts after defeating a dungeon boss is a metaphor for when one tackles one of life’s challenges to gain strength. In this particular office battle, I didn’t get a new heart to help my health meter, but I did gain more confidence when going into the next real world dangerous dungeon in the office setting.

Gaming Dad

Sharpen the pen!

Sharpen the pen!

This blog is a dusty derelict, but it can be resurrected,

My Twitter timeline is diminishing on frequencies of tweets,

Gaming time has been reduced to the late night hours,

Limited to when the family is asleep and with headphones on,

The gaming dad is a rare combination,

almost an oxymoron,

Games can take hours,

so can TV,

I just have to choose wisely,

I spend my free time gaming.



There is a little known fact that when you become a parent, your life changes forever. It’s probably the biggest change that I have ever had to experience, however it’s also the most rewarding. Having one child was fairly routine and my wife and I can rely on each others support, but having two kids now meant that both of you will be occupied with one child each.  Gone are the days where you can say, “You go ahead and take a nap, I’ll take care of the baby.”

When you have two children, now it’s “Don’t take long, I don’t know how long I can last with two babies.” However, now my son is almost two-years old and things are getting easier as far as being capable to watch both my three-year old daughter and two-year old son at the same time.

Hence, why the blogging has recommenced.

Initially, gaming as a dad for me meant handheld gaming. I have become one with my 3DS. I played a lot of Fire Emblem then I moved onto Animal Crossings:New Leaf to manage my town on a daily basis. I would shut the door of my office and I’d pull some weeds, sell some apples and then make nice with the townsfolk.

We’ll that is just a teaser of the things to hear about. until then…

Carpe Diem

The Downtrodden need you in Fable III

November 15, 2010 1 comment

Vous [leur] avez crache’ sur l’âme, comme rien!

(You Spat on their souls, as if that were nothing!)”

-Rimbaud, “The BlackSmith”


Downtrodden commoners,

a System of cruelty,

to suppress power,

for a chosen few,

and limit the excellence,

that which people can achieve,

No need to treat them as equals,

Giving up power is not what we believe,

but now comes a hero. Brother to the evil king,

who makes a choice of solidifying the brother’s tyranny,

or leaving to pursue help to over come, and empower the “weaklings”

for to the king they are weak, but with the help of a hero,

they can overcome, build a kingdom stronger as a populace,

instead of sole power in the hands of one fowl rogue foe.

It is up to you how the story unfolds,

who you woo, love and raise children who grow.

Sex in Video Games

DrGonzo619 has zero Sexual Encounters. Fable 3 is counting.

This is the first time I played Fable.  I picked it up solely on the tweets I read on my time-line.  If I would have went with reviews I probably wouldn’t have picked it up based on it’s average scores however, I have been pleasantly surprised how addicting this game is.

At first I thought I was in some Shakespearean time, but then all of sudden I see people riding in an underground subway system when goblin-like creatures start attacking me.  This game is unique, to say the least.  I have taken over the kingdom and now I have to make some tough economic decisions, such as tax rates and abolishing child labor.  You want to do the right thing, but then when the kingdom doesn’t have enough money, you are at risk of losing the total population from an inevitable attack from a lurking demonic force.  So you have to balance the kingdoms’ need of education and environmental issues with the safety of the masses in mind.  I am running the deficit up and working a side job as a baker to help fill the kingdoms’ coffers.

Fable III is like a Sims/3rd Person Button masher type game with an RPG element.  You can even have sex with the common folk.  Something that I have not experienced myself.  You see in the beginning of the game, my girlfriend is executed by my brutish brother.

I am still in the mourning phase.  We never had sex, but I pressed “L2” and we held hands on a long stroll to the castle.  It was nice.   I knew it was love as I stared into her pixel perfect eyes.  If you ever read about this Fable, you shall see the love between us and you’ll understand as to why I chose to wait.

Well, that is how my story is unfolding at least.  A fearless hero who can battle any foe to lead the revolution and is abstaining from sex in honor of his fallen girlfriend.  This is going to be one strange Fable.

STDs in Fable

The upside of being a Fable virgin.

Muse in Gaming,

October 18, 2010 1 comment

My view from work.

My view from work

Monday in need of a muse,
one to soften the abuse,
start the fuse,
to a new unraveling work-week,

Not for the meek,
but those who persevere on their feet,
and seek establishing good-will,
between bosses and colleagues,

But now Monday is over and I sit hunched over,
to the day that has now passed.
Do I wallow in sadness or self-produce madness,
play video games and put the petal to metal and burn that imaginary gas.

If you deem racing games trifle,
then perhaps a battle with rifle,
or plasma grenades will leave your mind no longer reminiscing,
those menacing tasks that await for you at your desk,
for now it’s time to game,
and the muse comes next.

The muse dances on my controller and says,

“Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A

Mario Galaxy 2 – Great Space Coaster

July 12, 2010 Leave a comment

“Cyclops, if anyone ask you who is it that put your eye out and spoiled your beauty, say it was the valiant warrior Ulysses, son of Lærtes, who lives in Ithaca.”

Homer, Odyssey

The Great Space coaster was like Sesame Street but for a slightly older age group. The show featured a clown, Baxter, from outer space with a ridiculously large head.  He played the Baxaphone (a space-aged saxophone) and looked a lot like Jack, from Jack in the Box, but this clown was overweight and had a full head of orange shag hair. Then there was the news with Gary Ganu.  A savvy newsman who had a strange speech pattern in which  all words starting with a letter “N” had to be preceded by a “G”.  This is exactly the kind of madness one might see if they where teleported to the environment in Mario Galaxy 2.

The Great Space Coaster

Launched into lunacy on the Great Space Coaster.

Mario Galaxy presents Mario with the same type of outer space lunacy. The game is 3-D which makes it different from the traditional Mario games, but you still have the classic Mario Brother’s characters.  The game is really simple and takes full advantage of all of the Wii features. There is even a Co-Op mode if someone is bored watching you, they can pick up the Wii controller and help you distract enemies or capture coins.  However, I can’t imagine to many people pleased in just pointing at characters while you ride the green beast named Yoshi.

Mario is a modern-day Ulysses, he faces frighteningly ferocious foes at the end of each level and he is unyielding to the impending dangers ahead of him.  Courage in the face of adversity, that is what makes heroes.  To go ahead with your head held high even when you know the odds are stacked against you.  Somehow, in the end, things are going to fall in your favor and the Princess will be safe again.

I am part of a rare breed of gamers who is familiar with all game genres and buy for all the systems.  Some gamers have loyalty to a particular system, but I feel it’s best to have an open mind and enjoy games on all platforms.  There is a known circle of gamers  who work for the City in downtown San Diego and they also share the same philosophy. When the PSP first came out, I would see them gathered around a deli nearby Civic Center Plaza.  Lunch time is usually reserved for walking around downtown or enjoying the various lunch locations or even going out for a quick jog; but this group would congregate daily in this high traffic section of downtown with PSPs in hand.  I was awestruck.  Now that is dedication to gaming.

When I spoke to one of them after discussing the business of a peculiar financial transaction I said,  “Thanks for helping me with that issue…so did you get the new Mario Galaxy?” He seamlessly transitioned from talks of SAP to games and he said, “It’s pretty much the same as the first Mario Galaxy, so I returned it.”

He is probably right, but I was a fool and ignored the first game, so I knew the decision to purchase this game was a smart one.

Mario games are a game designer’s paradise. I think the game play is simplified, but the characters and various approaches to problems make the game intriguing to the young and the old.

So if you are bored,
take a trip,
like Baxter driving you to music,
you’ll ride Yoshi equipped,
with his devouring appetite,
ride off into the star-filled night,

on a ship I ride,
shaped like my head,
shoot down that Lackatu,
he’s throwing Spinies,
(turtle-like beast laced with thorns),
end up dead,

morose because you won’t get to ride,
like an unfulfilled prophecy,
the Great Space coaster that is Mario Galaxy…

Ship shaped like my head!

Ship shaped like my head.

Gamers, it’s never too late to think about retirement.

To Cruz I say “Your cat is having golden thoughts (su gata tienes pensas de or)”
Jack Kerouac, Tristessa   

Press on. If you are in school or working for a living. It is never too late to late to think about retirement.   

You want to live life to its fullest when you’re young,
yet you want to save some health and money,
for when you no longer work and can enjoy life when retirement has begun.   

My coworker is retiring today, which gives me some time to reflect,
What will I want to do when my working days are numbered?
What will I spend my days doing?
Writing sonnets, drinking at noon, or looking for friends and family to reconnect?   

Everyday you make a decision to invest,
it’s not a monetary choice, but one of time.
Will you work on establishing a rapport with the world
or will you stay indoors and be a recluse and think of the future in jest?   

If it wasn’t for online games, you would never interact with people,
yet conversations on the internet,
playing halo speaking of “noobs” is quite feeble,   

When it comes to retirement, I want to enjoy my day like this:
Wake up. Exercise, simply so I have the strength to sit in my chair the rest of the day,
Then spend the rest of the morning with a controller in my fist,   

After lunch, I’ll walk the dogs and then come back to finish another round of gaming.
Yes this future can be true if you plan retirement right.
Go to school, focus on your job, and next thing you know this goal you’ll be obtaining.   

Congratulations to Mike for retirement of work,
you paid your dues and now it’s time to no longer shirk,
on those projects waiting for you at home.
write a book,
travel somewhere and take a look.   

There is a future ahead of us all. How will you spend your golden years?
With golden thoughts and enjoying what you do?
Or slaving away regretting your decision to not persevere?   

Follow your dreams and surely you’ll find happiness in your future idleness
known as retirement.
Must be nice not to begrudge Mondays,
enjoying your life,
void of the cubicle and office walls confinement.   

Retirement Party

Photo of Mike's retirement party. Mike called in sick to his party, but we all ate a breakfast feast in his honor.